Sivota is a seaside settlement on the southern edge of the Prefecture of Thesprotia built in a small, closed bay. It is a small cosmopolitan resort of Thesprotia. From the very first moment the unparalleled natural beauty landscape enchants the visitor’s eye. They are built around a sea bay in which small islands are formed as a fjord. They have been known since antiquity as historical research associates the islands in the bay of Sivota with the “Sivota Islands” from Thoukididis. There, during the Peloponnesian War, specifically in 433 BC the Corfiots collided with the Corinthians in a naval battle that was characterized as the largest in terms of the number of Greek ships that participated in it. In the green islets of Agios Nikolaos and Mavros oros, was built a lighthouse in 1884 for the facilitation of cabotage. Now surround the village and it’s just a boating distance! Sivota has a marina and several tourists arrive by private pleasure craft.

It is worth visiting the area:
– For its rich natural beauty.
– For its splendid small beaches.
– For its cosmopolitan air.
– For a good tourist infrastructure.

Food – Entertainment
In the region there are night clubs to entertain at night, beachfront cafes to enjoy your coffee as well as many taverns, pizzerias and restaurants for your meals.