Some of the most important are:
1) Monastery of Giromeri. The monastery is dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. It was built in the 14th century ( between 1310 and 1320 ). It features excellent frescos that was around 1679. The Monastery accepts visitors daily from sunrise to sunset. It Is only 8 km from Filiates and 23 km from Igoumenitsa.
2) Monastery of Ragio. It is located to the left of the road of Igoumenitsa to Sagada, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. In the past it was looted several times. Today, it has been restored and has installed small monastic brotherhood. It is open to visitors throughout the day.
3) Monastery St. Georgios of Kamitsiani.
4) Monastery of St. Athanasiοs of Perdika. The monastery, built by the 1811, was and continues to be a benchmark in the religious life of the region. According to tradition, the image of the Saint was leaving the Church and middle in an old olive tree near the road. Today the passing through the hollow of the olive tree in the yard of the monastery, you consider blessing and crowds at the monastery on the day of the feast of Saint on May 2.

The only currently open space in Thesprotia is located 9 km northwest of the city of Igoumenitsa. This is a small castle on a small hill with a conic shape. It was built in the 16th century as an Observatory of the Turkish moves in the region.

Titani is located 1 km southeast of the Kalama Dam. There was the political center of the Thesprotians and the second in order of antiquity capital of Thesprotia. The ancient theater outside the walls of an ancient settlement was used for theatrical events and political rallies.

It is located 8 km southwest of Perdika. Fortified coastal settlement of the classical and Hellenistic periods. The challenge for the visitor is the unique from the archaeological site overlooking the Ionian Sea and Karavostasi beach.

Heroic and glorious village, which is situated 73 km from Igoumenitsa. It is known for the struggles of residents against the Turks. Every year there are events and representation of the blasting of the monastery of St. Paraskevi of Kougi from Kalogeros Samuel.

The Tzavelena old stair is historical site of Acheron. Stands out for its great natural beauty. The trail has been created which, following the banks of the Acheron leads through the bridge of Dallas in village of Samoniba. From there can one visit the fortress of Kiafa and Kougi or following another path to arrive at the gates of Hades.

Visit to the village and the castle of Margariti. As throughout the Thesprotia in Margariti will find guest houses and apartments. It is worth visiting the Mesovouni for 1000m altitude mountaineering, horse riding, walking and collecting aromatic plants. It will also buy organic produce (olives, olive oil, honey, almonds etc.)

a) Folklore Museum of Tsamantas
b) Folklore Museum of Finikiou
c) Folklore Museum of Souli
d) Folkloric Museum of Perdika Organized by folk culture and tradition.
The Folklore Museum is located in the center of Perdika since 2000. In the museum, there are tools of farmer, woodcutter, carpenter, weaving as well as traditional costumes, old weapons etc.