At the core of the Vikos – Aoos National Park, the jewel of Epirus and Greece: the Vikos Gorge, one of the largest in depth – less than 600 m high and about 1,900 m taller and narrower in the gorges of the world , from a few meters down to 500 meters high. It runs along the river Vikos, which flows from the entrance of the gorge, near Monodendri to the exit, where he meets Voidomatis under the village of Vikos. Natural and institutional shelter of all kinds of wildlife, flying and terrestrial, offers a rich variety of plants, some of those do not grow anywhere else in the world.


The forest extends to the northwest part of Pindos, in the mountainous complex of Tymfi. The boundary of the forest to the north is the gorge of Aoos and to the south the gorge of Vikos. In total, its area reaches 13,000 hectares. Its core is about 3400 hectares.



The Drakolimni Ioannina, near the border with West Macedonia, form an imaginary line that starts from Grammos and ends at Mavrovouni of Metsovo. They are located in Grammos, Smolyka, Tymphi and Flega.


These are natural pits carved into the rock by the flow of water. Do not be surprised if in the summer you see people gathering there. The locals close them with metal barriers to form small crystal pools, to which they dive to cool.


The Vikos Aoos including the gorge of Vikos River, the gorge of Aoos, the massif of Tymfi, Drakolimni and has rich flora and fauna with rare species of plants and animals.


The surface of the lake is at an altitude of 470 m above sea level. Its waters are full of eel-crayfish and other fish that are served in the lagoon-style taverns of the island and Perama. The lake is bound to the drowning of the beautiful Kyra-Frosini. The northeast of the lake is the island with the village that retains its traditional character.


It belongs administratively to the province of Dodoni and constitutes a separate community with 465 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are engaged in fishing and tourism. It has picturesque green scenery and historic monasteries. In one of them, the monastery of Panteleimon killed Ali-Pasa.


It is the largest cave in Greece of 14,800 square meters and the sixth of 1700 m long runways. It is located 4 km from Ioannina on the way to Metsovo. The cave of Perama was discovered in 1942 by the Petrochilos couple. Its interior spaces are illuminated in an artistic way and its visitor can admire, walking on an asphalt corridor of about one kilometer long, the rainbow shades of stalactite and stalagmite, with strange shapes.