Lichnos beach is just a short distance before you arrive in Parga, a long, sandy beach that is protected by two steep rocky slopes at both ends. Lichnos beach is very popular without being cosmopolitan and organized as Valtos or the beach of Parga, so it is quieter. The beach of Lichnos has not so many umbrellas and is quite wide offering for endless sand games.

The beach of Piso Kryoneri is close to the back of central Kryoneri beach. It is a quiet, picturesque and small beach, almost throughout the summer season. You are right behind the hill of Agios Athanasios, at the top there is the homonymous chapel.

Sarakiniko beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Parga, 12km from Parga, after Agia village. You can also go by boat from the Parga. Crystal clear water and a lovely olive grove make up a unique landscape. Swimming, water bike rides, canoeing, fishing and scuba diving are just some of what one can do there.

The beach of Ai Giannaki is 6 km before Parga, a beautiful water sports beach, one of the cleanest in the area, suitable for all.

Agios Sostis beach is 1 km south of Sarakiniko beach and is deserted. Forget the luxurious restaurants, cafes, water sports and get to know what we call virgin nature.