Wetland with rich flora and fauna where you will admire rare bird species, parydatia, ducks. It is very close to the settlement of Margariti.


The area is one of the most important wetlands of our country with a rich avifauna. It attracts a number of visitors interested in aquatic birds.
The starting point of the route we propose is in Sagiada, in the main settlement “Scalloma”, the harbor. From there, a dirt road leads directly to the Delta.



The Acheron River, its Straits and its springs are an area of amazing natural scenery, an ecosystem of great ecological, natural and historical interest. Especially the route from the springs to Souli is delightful as it is under the shadow of huge plane trees and through the coolness of the frozen crystal waters of the river.



Perdika is a place particularly favored by nature, endless olive groves and beaches with blue waters make it unique. Within the park there are many species of birds and fish that have all the care they deserve from the Park Managers. Waterfalls and small bridges linking the river have been built, as well as pedestrian walkways with tree trunks.



The abandoned traditional village of Vrachonas is located on a hillside of Sivota and consists of about 50 dilapidated houses. Most of them are two-storeyed with vaulted structures on the ground floor, made of stone from the area and date back to the 18th – 19th century.

To the west of the settlement there are the ruins of a small acropolis of prehistoric times, which is essentially the only example of a fortified prehistoric settlement in the broader area of Thesprotia.
Vrachonas was the site of the original settlement of the village Sivota and flourished during the last century. His inhabitants were engaged in livestock farming.