The main creators of Amvrakikos massive wetland are the two large rivers flowing into the bay, Arachthos and Louros. With the proactive action of their waters, these two rivers contribute to the formation of an extremely complex and unique for the Greek data of a wetland system of 220,000 acres, including large and small lagoons, long, low bayonets that divide the lagoons from the sea, riverside bands, estuaries of rivers, salt-ponds and salt-ponds, endless reeds, wet meadows and ponds. It is an admirable variety of habitats that alternate constantly unfolding an overall image of rare beauty. Some hillsides in the bay area are covered with oak forests, while the remnants of riparian forests, along with pastures and different crops, complement this wonderful mosaic of so many different landscapes and images.


Wild and inaccessible landscape that from afar looks dreamy and from imposing, Tzoumerka is one of the last areas that haven’t yet succumbed to technology and Super-growth. The nature lives in her own, peaceful rhythm of seasons and words like AWE and admiration are not enough to describe the Majesty. Here time seems to hover in limbo over the ravines of rivers Arachthos and Kalarritikos, clear traditional villages, the vertical cliffs of the canyons and the snowy firs that climb on the rocks up to the naked, alpine zone. Abundant, running waters justify the presence of dense vegetation and innumerable stone taps, which satisfy the most lust of the eyes and body.


The Forest Village is located on the western slopes of Tzoumerka (Athamanica Mountains), at an altitude of 920 m., at the “Kedros” location of the region of Cataract of the Municipality of Agnanta and 64 km away from the city of Arta.


Today the Acheloos River with a total length of 220 km is the second longest river of the country lies in the South-West of Pindos, crosses with endless twists and turns the massif of Western mainland Greece and empties into the Ionian Sea. In its developed unique ecosystems that include species-animal and vegetable-rare in Europe. Bears, deers, vultures, wolves and eagles live in inaccessible areas, presuming that the ecosystem is in excellent condition.


Theodoriana is 82 km north of Arta and is built at an altitude of 950 m on the southeast side of Tzoumerka. Together with the settlement “Skarpari” on the right bank of Acheloos river, it is surrounded by forests (mainly firs), while at altitudes above 1100 m, bare landscapes with imposing mountain peaks reach the borders to the settlements at the foot of the mountain volume of Tzoumerka (Kapsala, Athamanio, Vourgareli, Kipseli, Ramia, Katarraktis, Melissourgoi and Neraida).


Koronissia is a island in the Amvrakikos Gulf, but we can reach it by road. It has a harbor and fish taverns with fresh and reasonably priced fish. It is worth visiting the Panagia Koroniessotissa, a catholic monastery of the 10th century and the fortress Koulia, a small fort built in 1860 by the Turks.